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Comprehensive Range of Vaccines


For more than nine decades, IDT has participated substantially in the fight  against a wide variety of pathogens causing disease in animals. Today, we have secured an excellent position for our company on the veterinary market. The complex progression from the laboratory to registration and from production to sales takes place in one location. We have developed a research network consisting of highly-regarded and competent universities and other institutions in Germany and abroad. At IDT itself, all the requirements have been implemented for the processing of viral and bacterial pathogens from cultivation through to molecular biological characterization.


Efficacy and Safety Standards 

We always approach our work according to the principle that the most rigorous efficacy and safety standards are guaranteed for the products when the highest quality possible is applied during manufacturing. All processes concerning product development, manufacturing, and testing are done in accordance with GXP Guidelines. For veterinary practices in Germany and selected export

countries worldwide, IDT offers a comprehensive product range of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for farm and companion animals, as well as natural hormone preparations for pig production.

Combating Zoonosis

At the center of our focus are vaccines for keeping humans 
and animals healthy - vaccines which are regarded as standard measures for combating zoonoses.


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    Our cell-cultivated vaccines against influenza, as well as our 
    vaccines against Salmonella Typhimurium and S. Choleraesuis,
    stand out in our wide range of vaccines for pigs.
    The launch of the first live salmonella vaccine against 
    S. Typhimurium and S. Enteriditis for use in chickens created
    the possibility for establishing complex programs. 

    Eradication of Rabies

    With our rabies vaccines for oral immunization of foxes, IDT was
    and is a decisive factor in the successful eradication of  
    rabies in Germany and other European countries. Arial
    distribution of the vaccine baits, possible even by using a fully 
    automated and computer-assisted system developed by a partner 
    for distribution via airplane (SURVIS), has reduced the threat
    of rabies to the greatest extent possible. IDT is an internationally
    recognized partner for researching and combating rabies 
    in wild and domestic animals. For instance, valuable knowledge
    has been gained regarding rabies infections in dogs,
    raccoon dogs and bats which has led to international 
    progress in the fighting of this dangerous and contagious disease.